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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Some of the commentary on the GOP shooting

American Thinker:

detail assigned to protect Scalise as a member of the House Republican leadership, the killer would have been free to roam the fenced-in field picking targets at random. The field would have been just another gun-free zone, as in
places like Paris, Orlando, and Aurora, Colorado where armed predators are free, thanks to gun control zealots, to ply their deadly trade.
"Let us not overlook the fact the Alexandria shooting comes amidst a torrent of vitriol directed at Republicans in general and President Trump in particular. It should not be lost on anyone that GOP congressmen and their staffs were deliberately targeted on President Trump’s 71st birthday. "
When I heard the names of the two officers -- a man and a woman, David Bailey and Crystal Griner – there was nothing about those names that indicated any particular ethnicity. But when, late Wednesday, I saw their photos, it seemed pretty clear that both are black.

New York Times publishes despicable lies to soften its own culpability for left-wing violence   . . . "For a newspaper styled as "the newspaper of record" to outright lie in this way shows us that there is panic at the Gray Lady.  As on the left as a whole.  They have been caught out with the consequences of their fusillade of incitement to violence." . . .

Another congressman shot, and civility continues to crumble  . . . "It is wishful thinking that this toxic rhetoric will stop and people will learn their lesson.  It would be nice if an event like this recent shooting would make people rethink the way they speak.  As Congressman Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) told a radio show, "maybe this is a wake-up call.  Let's hope we could disagree on a more polite, conversational basis."
"The question remains: have Americans learned anything since the Gabby Giffords shooting?  The answer appears to be no."
The left's war on patriots and traditional America  . . . "The leftists believe that our borders should be open and that illegal aliens should not be sent home.  They believe that multiculturalism is always good and that America has a lot to apologize for.  The left and its antifa, Black Lives Matter, and stooges in the mainstream media would like to drown out the opinions of the rest of America."

Antifa terrorism  . . . "When we turn to the American left, what do we find?  A group of opinion leaders (Colbert, Griffin, Whedon, Kaine, Lynch), all fanatical adherents of a pseudo-religion, propagandizing and encouraging resistance to a subhuman enemy, the "deplorables," and their political representatives.  The means at their disposal consist not only of the internet, but the American media and entertainment spheres as a whole.  The network consists of millions of disconnected misfits seething with hatred and frustration.  The propaganda includes targets, methods, and repeated suggestions of violence up to and including murder.  All that's lacking is The Call of Global Antifa, but that may well be coming.
"And lo and behold, now we have terror attacks.  How could that possibly have happened?" . . .
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