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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Protester Arrested After Running Onstage During Controversial "Julius Caesar" Performance

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Townhall   "During Friday night's Shakespeare in the Park performance of Julius Caesar, Laura Loomer, who writes for The Rebel, ran onstage, shouting that "political violence against the right" is "unacceptable." She was quickly removed from the stage while the crowd booed, and arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing. 
"Her partner in crime, Jack Posobiec, provided video.
. . . "Exactly how did Conservatives take back the theater? The vast majority of the American public is completely unaware of Loomer's stunt, and it didn't - and won't - change anything in the theater world. You don't "take back" theater overnight, and you certainly don't do it by rudely interrupting a performance then calling the audience murderers and Nazis. 
"As Guy so eloquently put it earlier this week, the portrayal of a Trump-like character being assassinated is in poor taste, and we can and should make our opinion of the production known. But it's ultimately ineffective for the right to deploy their own SJW army to find something to be outraged about all the time."
. . . 
Trump assassination play interrupted by protesters  . . . "Goodness knows you can oppose Donald Trump without resorting to wishing for (encouraging?) his death.  This is the sort of propaganda that the notorious anti-Semite Julius Streicher published in his daily newspaper, Der Stürmer.  The anti-Jewish propaganda published by Streicher and the Nazi party encouraged ordinary people to kill Jews.  I fail to see the difference between that and what the Shakespeare in the Park production is trying to accomplish.

"The tremendous irony is this: the more the left's hysteria about Trump gets out of control the more likely his re-election.  The vast majority of voters do not see Donald Trump as Hitler, nor do they see him as a threat to American liberty.  And if the Democrats nominate a candidate who expresses the same hatred of Donald Trump shown by their far-left base, the president will win in a landslide."
Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

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