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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hillary Sided With Russia On Sanctions As Bill Made $500K For Speech In Moscow — Is That News?

Was all this collusion or what?

 Clash Daily  "The Media (D) refuses to look into Hillary’s misdeeds, but as scrutiny over Don Jr.’s nothing meeting with a Russian lawyer keeps up, some weird coincidences are coming to light.
"If you listen to any Democrat in Congress, Russia has always been our enemy. They’ve used Cold War era language and said that Russia has constantly been a dangerous foreign enemy." . . . 
"Here’s Obama lecturing Mitt Romney in the Presidential debate in 2012:"

. . . "Oh, and don’t forget this clip where Barry promises ‘flexibility’ to Russian President Medvedev with regard to missile defense and needed Putin to ‘give him space’ until he won the 2012 election:"

"And then, of course, the infamous misspelled ‘Reset’ Button:"

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