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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"We want God!'

E.W. Jackson   "On September 17, 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Poland.  Stalin helped defeat the Nazis, but it was not with the intention of freeing the Polish people.  Under communist rule, 150,000 Poles were massacred and thousands tortured and imprisoned."
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On June 2, 1979, when the world watched Pope John Paul II speak in Victory Square, Warsaw, Poland, it was a prophetic moment foreshadowing freedom for the Polish people. 
While John Paul II was giving his sermon, the crowd erupted in a chant of "We want God!  We want God!  We want God!"  Millions of Polish citizens were moved not only by his words, but also by the response of the audience.  "We want God" reverberated across Poland and resonated in the hearts of its people.
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"There are forces at work in America that seek to deny truth and reality in order to usher in their version of a brave new world.  Do we really want God?  Some clearly do not." . . .

TD has added this video:

"Christians who dare voice the belief that marriage is a union between one man and one woman are being fired from their jobs and losing their businesses.  The clear message is, "Espouse Christian values at your peril."
"In this atmosphere, many pastors engage in self-censorship for fear of being booted off television and radio or having liberal media, politicians, and even their own church members attack them.
"It is not merely the government we must guard against.  This descent into the madness of totalitarianism is being led by individuals and institutions of cultural influence.  They are the new "thought police."
"What is needed to combat this threat to liberty is an army of courageous pastors, churches, and Christians reclaiming their role as the nation's moral thermostat, setting cultural standards rather than submitting to them."

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