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Thursday, September 21, 2017

What has happened to TV? No longer the "entertainment industry"; it's the indoctrination industry.

Squawking Hollywood Magpies Unleash Vulgar Attacks on Trump
. . . "It was not so much an awards ceremony as it was a more narcissistic version of a Democratic National Committee meeting. The self-absorbed crowd lavished love on Hillary Clinton and hurled insults at President Trump.
"Within just a few minutes, host [late-night-talk-weasel] Stephen Colbert had navigated through an opening segment that included references to the Confederacy, global warming and Nazis.
“Imagine if your president wasn’t loved by Nazis,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus said.
"At least they did not spontaneously thrust their hands in the air and shout, “Heil, Hitler.”
Mr. Colbert and the audience should be commended for their restraint." . . .

Carlson: Emmys Showed Many of America’s Most Famous Artists Aren’t Artists — ‘Hacks,’ ‘Their Shows Are Dumb’
So celebrities are liberal. They don’t like Trump. Whatever. That’s fine. In fact, it’s normal. That is not what is striking here. Last night’s show wasn’t really about Trump. It was an expression of the contempt America’s ruling class has for the rest of this country, for the zip codes they don’t live in. The middle class elected Donald Trump last November. Last night Hollywood denounced them for doing it.

Also here.

'Justice pricing' at movie theater: $15 for white males, $10 for everyone else
. . . "The injustice of "social justice" has never been more apparent. Ask your average SJW to define "social justice" and you'll get a dozen or more different replies.
"Except for one, common thread; stick it to the white man." . . .
NRO: Jimmy Kimmel, Policy-Wonk Wannabe  . . . "Perhaps it was a mistake for a senator to arrogate rhetorical supremacy to a comedian, but Cassidy, for his part, has since pushed back. “I am sorry he does not understand,” Cassidy said today on CNN. “There will be more people covered under the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson amendment than under the status quo,” he said later on MSNBC, explaining that his bill requires “coverage” of pre-existing conditions “to be ‘adequate and affordable.' ’”

Back-to-Back: Trump at the UN and the Emmys  

. . . "This is hard to digest for the Never Trumpers as well.  How can this man suddenly be emerging as the most important player on the world stage?  He's a reality star.  He should be on the Emmys.  (He should.  He's actually funnier than Alec Baldwin and certainly than Colbert with his juvenile Hitler jokes that would embarrass Mel Brooks.)

. . . "World leaders watching this realize that America is being led by someone with actual convictions who may, just may, act on them.  There's a switch after eight years of Obama when no one thought America would do much of anything -- and indeed it didn't, even when confronted by the horror of chemical weapons.

We who supported the TEA Party mission will never get over this Hollywood declaration of war on us: 
 "Law & Order": another TV show that sucker-punches half the American population  Rerun from Monday, February 28, 2011
Why, you ask? Because this same episode of Law & Order ran on TNT again this week"We began watching a 2009 episode of "Law and Order" entitled "Fed" last night and I had to shut it off at the start. We saw people like ourselves - TEA par-tiers, portrayed as rifle-toting, hateful bigots. Only Hollywood is capable of inspiring dislike and outrage by the simple means of the skillful acting of those who portray people like you and me as despicable and violent. They give us the same treatment they give to pharmaceutical  and insurance companies.

"May God bless all courageous conservatives in our country trying to stem the socialist tide sweeping America because the left has such massive force to bring against them. And the propaganda is being spoon-fed to the American public. How do we stand a chance?"


Autumn Cote said...

Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content divearsity for our community and I enjoyed reading your work. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. If “OK” please let me know via email.


the Tunnel Dweller said...

Sorry for the delay, Autumn; post away. I'm obviously not the writer of the articles but have assembled this from other sources. The slanted, reddish text, if any, is by me. You honor me...I hope. Bill


the Tunnel Dweller said...

This is what I wrote at the beginning of the Tunnel Wall in 2008. Bill:

Many of us fear the path America is being led down by our government, media and educational institutions and want to be sure they are watched fervently. It was a revelation to actually see how many Democrat elected officials have supported this massive swing to the left. One would have thought that, though liberal, they valued our free market system and economic freedoms. It has become hard to believe the US is a right-of-center nation (as surveys claim) when the culture and its factions exert such a leftward pull on our politicians. On TV programs such as "Law and Order"-to name just one- leftist philosophies are promoted while conservative ones are debunked. Mainstream news programs are fountains of anti-Republican, -conservative propaganda.

Foremost in memory is the shabby treatment meted out to President Bush at White House press conferences, press dinners and Hollywood functions. And of course we all know how Republicans and conservatives are the butt of late-night talk-show jokes.

Even past noble causes and their current leaders have become withered, almost comical clones of their past heroes. Look at the regression from Dr. King to Al Sharpton. During those terrible days of black struggle to be treated as American citizens, we longed for the day an African-American could be elected president. Who wouldn't while seeing what happened to African-Americans as they merely tried to live life as others did by eating at a lunch counter or being welcome in all public places? Joan Baez and other activists would place their bodies between black children and their object-throwing taunters as they entered schools and we were stirred. We felt the day this nation elected a black President would show America had truly become America.

But not this president; not Barack Obama.

We envisioned a black president who would govern as an American who loved this country. One who loved America for her exceptionalness; for having the character to overcome her worst elements; for all her economic strength that it was now possible for everyone to grasp the opportunity to share.

But now we have some ominous dots to connect and a picture takes shape: William Ayres and his causes; Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger, Van Jones, all preaching their hateful philosophies. We saw Cuban flags and pictures of Che Guevara on walls of Obama campaign offices; red Soviet flags flying over crowds in post-election rallies. We heard the socialist views spoken to Joe the Plumber and this administration's disdain for private enterprise. Then there is the continual ignorance displayed on foreign affairs along with a complete reversal of allies and enemies.

The vast crowds of equally ignorant sycophants crying out in ecstasy and adoration for Barack Obama was not reassuring.

Barack Obama's presidency has lifted a rock off the Democrat Party and revealed some ominous qualities that had long been off of our collective radar; that there are many Rev. Wrights and Bill Ayers sitting in Congress. We fear the effect these people have on our culture and nation and feel we must not let anything they do or say go unnoticed.