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Friday, June 22, 2018

Charles Krauthammer, A Diagnostician Of Our Public Discontents, Contemptuous of Obama

George Will  "When he was asked how to become a columnist, Charles Krauthammer would say, with characteristic drollery, "First, you go to medical school." He did, with psychiatry as his specialty because, he said with characteristic felicity, it combined the practicality of medicine and the elegance of philosophy. But he also came to the columnist craft by accident. Because of one.
"It has been said that if we had to think about tying our shoes or combing our hair we would never get out of the house in the morning. Life is mostly habitual — do you actually remember any details of driving home last evening? The more of life's functions that are routinely performed without thinking, the more thinking we can do. That, however, is not how life was for Charles after his accident."
"In 1972, when he was a 22-year-old student at Harvard Medical School, he was swimming in a pool. Someone pushed the diving board out, extending over a shallower part of the pool. Charles, not realizing this, dove and broke his neck. At the bottom of the pool, "I knew exactly what happened. I knew why I wasn't able to move, and I knew what that meant." It meant that life was going to be different than he and Robyn had anticipated when they met at Oxford.
"He left two books at the pool. One was a text on the spinal cord. The other was Andre Malraux's novel "Man's Fate.  . . . "

Krauthammer: Obama's Reliance on Diplomacy Is 'Almost Pathetic'
. . .  "President Obama told the Diplomatic Corps Reception today that "in contrast to these terrorists, we will win this fight by building -- never giving up on diplomacy."
"Krauthammer said that the president just repeated the same thing he'd been saying for the past 7 and a half years, "which has yielded us the worst outbreak of terrorism that we have seen.' " . . .

Krauthammer's contempt for Obama manifested in this conversation

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