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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Let's give credit where it is due: Trump and Jordan Peterson are the greats for this revolution we are experiencing.

How can this be with academia and media trying to mold millennials and their society in the virulently opposite direction?
[JordanPeterson] has, without intent, caused a quiet revolution in the cultural sphere of the world.  He has brought the Millennial male out of the prison of the √ľber-feminists.  He has brought sanity to the gender confusion movement.  He has destroyed the strongholds of "privilege."  He has – gasp! – defended Western civilization readily, and effectively, without even calling it our last, best hope.
Jordan Peterson. Gage Skidmore photo
Jordan Peterson, the one after Trump is the main subject here  
The culture on the center-right had been in turmoil for more than a decade.  George W. Bush had become a huge disappointment, betraying his base.  Barack Obama had eight years of destructive policies, virtually unopposed by the Republican Party "stalwarts."  He could have done a lot more damage than he did.  Thank God that Barack was somewhat feckless and incompetent.

 . . . "Think about this: last week's shock poll from Reuters showed a massive swing in the way Millennials want to vote.  The swing showed that this slice of the voting population has changed from massive (D) support to support that's evenly divided between the two parties.  Blacks, Hispanics, and women are changing likewise.  All demographics are moving toward supporting Trump despite the massive lies of our media.

"That's cultural change.
"The other leader to note, is not particularly political.  He is, oddly enough, Canadian.  He's taught at Ivy League schools.  He's a clinical psychologist and teaches in Toronto.  He gives two-hour, somewhat stodgy intellectual lectures that get three quarters of a million likes.
"I don't hold any of that against him.  Neither should you.
We are watching an amazing miracle.  A cultural transformation.  We do not see it clearly yet – it's far from over, but it's really happening.  America has become great again, changing in the most positive of ways.  Yes, there is a violent, loud, crazy left that has its media slaves trying to convince all of us we are in horrible times.  And thankfully, the rest of the country is simply reveling in the positive change of the culture in spite of them.
 Looks like Peterson is more effective than we thought. Campuses are banning him.

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