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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

America's Slide Into Third-world Status: Meet the Would-Be House Committee Leaders Who Could Torment Trump

NY Times , Oct 29:  "In the House, the majority rules. Just ask Democrats, who have introduced bills destined for nowhere, watched oversight requests pile up and seen Republicans overrule most of their policy efforts.
"But if the Democrats take the House on Nov. 6, they will assume control of two of the most powerful tools in Washington: gavels and subpoenas.
"The committee chairmen and women in waiting are mostly over 65 and considerably more diverse than the Republicans they would replace. They could become household names." 
With chairmanships would come the power to compel the Trump administration to produce evidence, to call witnesses to the stand and to show voters — ahead of 2020 — how Democrats would run the government if given the chance." . . . And so it will begin; continuing the slide into a third-world status that Obama began.

Hateful Dems and the longer term future "I'm very fearful for the future of a country that could elect so many hateful and ideologically closed-minded people. Obama at least spoke well and wasn't honest about his plans, so it's understandable why some would vote for him. But the new Dems are honest about their hate. They like to demonize Republicans with their various name-calling like deplorables, for instance.  But when they remain silent in the face of calls for violence by Maxine Waters, incivility by Hillary Clinton, and death to America by Louis Farrakhan (not to mention the new anti-Semites who will enter Congress in January who call for our strategic and faithful ally Israel's destruction), one has to worry how we will survive the unending divisiveness." . . .

Here Come The Crazies! Nancy Pelosi* As Speaker, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings In Leadership Roles "Waters, a [California] career politician once named one of the most corrupt in Congress, has gone off the deep end since Trump's election. "He claims that’s bringing people together but make no mistake, he is a dangerous, unprincipled, divisive, and shameful racist,” Waters said in February.
"Then there's [California] Rep. Adam Schiff, a true Trump hater who is beloved by the mainstream media." . . .
*President Trump endorses Pelosi! 
"In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats. If they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some Republican votes. She has earned this great honor!"
Democrats won the House (and truth lost)  "It seems as though the Democrats have won the House. America has spoken, and people who voted seem to want destructive socialism, ruinous “health care,” and adverse “heroes.”.
"They won. What should I, as a conservative do?
"I’m not going to march, burn down my neighborhood, call for investigations, riot, or even try to kill anybody. Not the way democrat liberals have been doing for the past two years." . . .
The morning after, we held on through the night.  "It could have been worse – if we had to lose one chamber, better it be the House than the Senate."
Why does there have to be a cloud in front of every silver lining?

Two years of crazy in the House  . . . "Another wrote, "The worse thing you can wish upon the Party of Protest is to put them in a position where they have to actually produce something substantive in the way of policy."
"Ah, but they will produce something, and it will be unpleasant. Democrats want vengeance.
"Democrats want an open season on President Trump, and then anyone who worked for him, and then anyone who voted for him, and then anyone who looked like him, and then anyone who does not hate him enough." . . .

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