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Monday, December 2, 2019

Schiff and Nadler, the hanging judges

Rich Terrell
Schiff for President  . . . "The only thing they want is to Get Trump.
"The one guy who's helping along on that front, Rep. Adam Schiff, whose dank basement hearings have yielded a rushed "report," is now a rising star." . . .
Impeachment witness list loaded with Trump critics . . . "A fourth witness listed by Democrats, but possibly requested by the GOP, is George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley, who has criticized how Democrats have handled the impeachment process." . . .
BARR: House Democrat Impeachment Rules Are Made For A Lynch Mob, Not A Legitimate Proceeding . . . "Notwithstanding the change in venue, the proceedings are still a farce. They bear only surface resemblance to those in which I (and Nadler) participated 21 years ago." . . .

Trump lawyers to Jerry Nadler: We won’t participate in your sham Wednesday law professor hearing  . . . "The impeachment torch is about to be passed from Adam Schiff (House Intelligence Committee) to Jerry Nadler (House Judiciary Committee).
"Nadler scheduled a “hearing” for Wednesday, but it’s not an evidentiary hearing and the witnesses (as of this writing) are unknown.
"What is known it that there will be three pro-impeachment law professors called by Democrats to opine on what constitutes an impeachable offense. (Spoiler — if Democrats are calling the law professors, they will opine that anything and everything Trump did is an impeachable offense). Republicans will be allowed one legal expert to say the opposite.
"In other words, it’s a show hearing, meant to give the pro-impeachment mainstream media a news cycle dominated (by numbers) by pro-impeachment opinions.
"Trump’s lawyers sent a letter tonight to Nadler rejecting the premise and procedure of the hearing, and refusing to participate. Politico reports:
The White House informed House Democrats on Sunday that it will not participate in the Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment hearing, excoriating Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as a “baseless” and “partisan” exercise in scathing five-page letter to the panel’s chairman.

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