Friday, April 24, 2015

Alan Caruba: The White House is Lying About Climate Change and Health

The Weather Channel reports that thunderstorms and heavy lightning hit the Eastern Seaboard Wednesday, disrupting thousands of flights. Just hours later, tornadoes swept across the Great Plains and hail storms battered the Midwest. It sounds like somebody didn't get what she wanted for Earth Day.      Comedian Argus Hamilton

Warning Signs  . . . "Let us understand, too, that there has always been what the White House announcement calls “extreme weather events.”  Notice the change from “climate” to “weather”? Among the events identified are “severe droughts and wildfires to more powerful hurricanes and record heat waves…” Has there been a time when such weather-related events have not occurred? In fact, there are times when they don’t. For example, there hasn’t been a single Category 3-5 hurricane hit the U.S. mainland since 2005!

"The White House has launched a massive brainwashing effort using many elements of the federal government to frighten Americans using the “climate” and the “weather.” How deceptive is it?" . . .

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