Friday, April 24, 2015

No Tears for Dead Al-Qaeda Hostage Warren Weinstein; Loved Muslims More Than Fellow Americans, Jews

Debbie Schlussel .."Back in 2011, I wrote about Warren Weinstein and who he really was. He was no different than all of the American “aid workers” and “humanitarians” who purposely and deliberately risk their lives to help America-haters. They are suddenly “AMERICAN!” when they are kidnapped and want to be saved, when it’s too late. My thoughts about Warren Weinstein from December 2, 2011 are the same today, so they bear repeating:

You’ll see no tears from me over Warren Weinstein, the Jewish American hostage taken by Al-Qaeda in Pakistan. Weinstein not only worked for USAID, but, after retiring, decided to remain in Pakistan–for SEVEN years–working for a private contractor. That’s the lifestyle of a far-leftist who is Jewish and American in name only. We all know what happened to Daniel Pearl, who also went to Pakistan of his own accord, just as Weinstein did. Pearl was kidnapped, beheaded, and chopped up like a chicken for dinner because he went to interview individuals he knew were bent on America’s destruction . . . and the Jews’ destruction. But he went anyway. And Warren Weinstein chose to live in Pakistan for seven years as a private citizen.

What kind of “American”–what kind of “Jew”–does that? One who has zero emotional or moral ties to either of those words. Weinstein is supposed to be some sort of expert in “development,” but the only Jews and the only Americans interested in developing Pakistan are the ones who turn a blind eye to Pakistan’s attacks on American soldiers, tourists in Mumbai, and the attack on the Mumbai Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center. Sleeping with the enemy gives you much more than herpes.     Full article...
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