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Friday, April 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy views spark anger, unease abroad

The humiliation of America by Hillary and Obama; their groveling before the Muslim world.

Washington Times  "Donald Trump isn’t the only presidential front-runner this election cycle whose foreign policy views are sparking anger and unease in the rest of the world.
"Despite — and in some cases because of — her four-year record as secretary of state, Democrat Hillary Clinton is coming in for a share of criticism from allies and adversaries alike, even if the level of vitriol doesn’t match some of the comments targeting her potential Republican rival for president.
"The critiques aren’t always consistent. Some fear Mrs. Clinton represents a continuation of the Obama foreign policy that has fallen short, while others warn that on issues such as trade and the willingness to intervene militarily abroad she will break markedly with Mr. Obama.
“ 'While Trump’s foreign policy seems random and unpredictable (he actually bragged about this), it’s hard to see how Clinton’s approach to war is much better,” columnist and press freedom activist Trevor Timm wrote this week in the liberal British newspaper The Guardian." . . .

Comment from Lucianne:
"Well if getting US Citizens killed and lying about it, making up stories about snipers shooting at you and giving away most of our Country´ secrets to our enemies with a private, in the closet, unguarded computer server, that should have been her Waterloo"
"She isn't smart or shrewd, and I would think that most honest, hard working women would be embarrassed by her actions, just as most men are embarrassed by the utter incompetence of Obama." 
BBC: Button gaffe embarrasses Clinton (2009)

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