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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Clinton’s Public Server, Sanders’ Public Blindness

Debra J. Saunders


Why is Bernie Sanders scared of answering questions about Hillary’s “home-brew” server?

. . . "So I asked Sanders: Do you think the secretary of state’s use of a personal server was safe and legal? Are you worried that foreign intelligence services might have hacked her account? Forget about whether she’s indicted. Clinton’s unforced error of using a “homebrew” server is the real story. It was reckless. In 2013, the Romanian hacker known as “Guccifer” released information about her personal account after he drilled into the AOL emails of former Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal. If Chinese and Russian operatives were paying attention — how could they not? — Clinton’s use of an unsecured system opened a door for their prying eyes. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden calls the secretary of state’s decision to use a private server for official correspondence Clinton’s “original sin.”
"Sanders’ reply? “I’m gonna answer that question the same way I did famously back then. And that is, look, there is an investigation, as we all know, undergoing. You’re asking me my opinion.  Presumably, the people who are doing the investigation have a lot more information on that than I do or you do. And whatever happens will happen.” Sanders added that he prefers to focus on issues that impact American lives, such as “why the middle class of this country is in decline.”
"It’s odd how Sanders trusts the Department of Justice to investigate Clinton’s emails when he repeatedly faults the feds for not charging Wall Street banks for criminal fraud despite his stated belief in their guilt." . . .
Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert
A search of "security review" turned up businesses

Comey: No such thing as a 'security inquiry' in Clinton email probe
. . . "The Clinton team is adept at using the English language to obfuscate rather than illuminate. "Security inquiry" sounds so innocent, so routine, when what the FBI is really doing is investigating to see if a crime has been committed. It won't become a criminal investigation until they determine if any laws were broken. They may already done so, but for obvious reasons, are choosing not to go publuc quite yet.

"Some experts have speculated that career prosecutors in the Justice Department may already have gone before a grand jury and have begun to present a case. But that would be extraordinarily difficult to keep secret, given the players involved." . . .

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