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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Has the Left Lost Its Mind on Transgenderism?

Weekly Standard  . . . "What he finds particularly annoying, however, is the pushiness and heavy-handedness of transgender activists and their liberal enablers:

The political agenda of the transgender community often seems to demand that we be complicit in their convictions, that we humor them, pretend that we view them as the genuine article when in fact they seem to be staging a kind of masquerade, dressing in a costume, playing at make-believe. We are not asked just to follow the humane policy of live and let live, exhibiting acceptance and tolerance as well as fighting for their rights as human beings, but we are required to act as their enablers, enter into their fantasies, protect them from the truth of a devastating fallacy. We are expected both to support them politically, an easy task for most liberals, and affirm their deeply guarded conceptions of selfhood, something that lies well outside the province of the struggle for equal protection under the law—in truth, that lies firmly in the field of counseling or psychotherapy. I know of no other human-rights movement in which supporters are adjured, not only to advocate for the greater civil liberties of a minority, but to aid and reinforce its self-delusions, to guard those who harbor them from the truth.
The Department of Justice Tries to Create a Third Sex  . . . "The letter from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) cited four cases in which, they claim, that federal courts have accepted “transgender” as a sex with the right to protection from discrimination that is identical to the protection enjoyed by males and females." . . .

A Sad Video Highlights the Contradictions and Tragedy of the Transgender Moment  

. . . "But we can’t let a discussion of intellectual contradictions mask the human tragedy. A deeply confused teenager is on the verge of mutilating himself — of literally opening a wound that his body will consistently attempt to close — for the sake of hoping to find love with straight men. The level of psychological confusion and pain is difficult to grasp, but rather than speak the truth to that young man and work diligently to counsel and mentor him, an entire class of people believe that he should irrevocably harm his own body, and the rest of us should believe a lie — that he’s “really” a girl." . . .

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