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Thursday, May 12, 2016

No shortage of commentary on Ben Rhodes and Obama's contempt for the press

"Remember, it was also Rhodes who authored the Benghazi “smoking gun” email which sought as a goal to “underscore” that the attacks that killed four Americans resulted from “protests [that] are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.' ”  Roger Aronoff 
Ben Rhodes
Times Article On Ben Rhodes Exposes White House Contempt For The Press And Public  . . . "We have consistently reported on the administration’s use of false narratives to sell policies to the press, and thereby the American people. For example, it was the Obama administration that argued Congress’ choice for an Iran deal was between war and supporting a disastrous agreement that would eventually grant Iran nuclear weapons. The mainstream media then reported this as the only two options regarding Iran.

"Rhodes’ fingerprints were all over this effort. “It was Rhodes who framed the Iran deal as a choice between peace and war,” wrote Lee Smith for The Weekly Standard, continuing, “and it was Rhodes who set up a messaging unit to sell the deal that created an ‘echo chamber’ in the press.' ” . . .
Obama’s ‘compadres’ in the press still serving as his King’s Guard
Leftist, fawning and lazy, the media were easy marks for Team Obama
 Illustration on the media's protection on Obama by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

. . . "Members of JournoList, a listserv made up of hundreds of left-wing journalists from major media organizations, were outraged that ABC News’ George Stephanopolous had asked Mr. Obama why it had taken him so long to dissociate himself from Rev. Wright’s comments. The left-wing journalists jumped into action, with Thomas Schaller of the Baltimore Sun suggesting, “Why don’t we use the power of this list to do something about the debate” and writing a “smart statement expressing disgust” at the questions Mr. Stephanopolous had asked Mr. Obama.
"No wonder so many in the left-wing media sought to protect Mr. Obama. With religious fervor, they believed in the man and his mission and did whatever it took to make his presidency a reality. . . .

. . . "The intensity with which these media organizations were called out, dressed down and punished was astonishing — and served as an effective deterrent to anyone else who might be inclined to probe the administration’s actions. It was — and continues to be — an outrageous abuse of power, submitted to willingly by much of the press.
"Throughout his interminable presidency, Mr. Obama has enjoyed the protection of this King’s Guard. Mr. Rhodes simply exploited their shallow idolatry and professional lassitude. And the country has been damaged immeasurably because of it."  
Monica Crowley is editor of online opinion at The Washington Times.
Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

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