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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bill Whittle Explains Why Free College Isn’t Free

Legal Insurrection   "In Bill Whittle’s newest Afterburner video, he addresses the issue of free college and although he focuses on Bernie Sanders, the same truths apply no matter which politician is making this promise.
"You don’t need a college degree to understand Whittle’s argument. Anyone with common sense knows there’s no such thing as free.
"Here’s a partial transcript via Frontpage Mag:
Bernie’s Free College Isn’t Free
     Bernie Sanders has bewitched a new generation of voting students by promising them free health care and free college.
     So I’d like to address this brief video to you young people who are Bernie supporters and are in it for the free college. Can we just think this through for a minute? Please?
     Let’s say Bernie Sanders gets elected, the Democrats run the table and now we have a socialist President and Congress and sure enough Bernie Sanders passes a bill that says that every American now gets free college.
     What does that mean?

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