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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ms Coulter and others have contrasting background on the Trump - Curiel throwdown,

Mr Trump needs to refocus on the fact that Hillary is the threat we must face. TD
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Ann Coulter   . . . "Curiel has distributed scholarships to illegal aliens. He belongs to an organization that sends lawyers to the border to ensure that no illegal aliens' "human rights" are violated. The name of the organization? The San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association -- "La Raza" meaning THE RACE*. (See below regarding this.)

"Let's pause to imagine the nomination hearings for a white male who belonged to any organization for white people -- much less one with the words "THE RACE" in its title.

"The media were going to call Trump a racist whatever he did, and his attack on a Hispanic judge is way better than when they said it was racist for Republicans to talk about Obama’s golfing.

"Has anyone ever complained about the ethnicity of white judges or white juries? I've done some research and it turns out ... THAT'S ALL WE'VE HEARD FOR THE PAST 40 YEARS.

"The New York Times alone has published hundreds of articles, editorials, op-eds, movie reviews, sports articles and crossword puzzles darkly invoking "white judges" and "all-white" juries, as if that is ipso facto proof of racist justice." . . .

Sufficient evidence exists to require Judge Curiel to recuse himself from any litigation involving Trump  . . . "At the very least, Judge Curiel's "conduct or behaviour may give rise to a suspicion that he is not impartial ... . . . "because of his friendship with a party" such as the HNBA, which has called for open economic warfare against Trump.

. . .  "Trump isn't the one who should be embarrassed or chastised.  In fact, it is Judge Curiel who bears the shame for not bringing these facts to the public's attention and recusing himself."

The Decisions of Judge Curiel  
*While some argue that the group’s very name expresses a radical racial-identity politics, the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association contends that translating “La Raza” as “the race’” is a mistake: “While it is true that one meaning of ‘raza’ in Spanish is indeed ‘race,’ in Spanish, as in English and any other language, words can and do have multiple meanings,” says an explanation posted on their website. “As noted in several online dictionaries, ‘La Raza’ means ‘the people’ or ‘the community.’”
 ". . . In 2013, the newsletter for the Federal Bar Association’s San Diego Chapter asked Curiel for his advice to attorneys. He said to bring only “real issues” before the court and to try to keep professional and cordial relations with opposing counsel. He noted that an attorney’s reputation in the community is everything.  

“ 'There will never be a case that is worth sacrificing your integrity or your good name over,” Curiel said."

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