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Sunday, June 5, 2016

This abrasive First Couple are tearing America apart, class vs. class and race vs. race

Black Actress SLAMS Michelle Obama for Telling Graduates ‘America is Racist’  "Some things will never change: like Michelle Obama ‘encouraging’ graduates with ‘America is racist’ commencement speeches. Stacey Dash takes her down in this screed. Check it out…"
Michelle Obama addressed the graduates of Jackson State University, a historically black college in Mississippi, and capitalized on her audience by reminding them that racism is alive and well in America… because that’s encouraging to everyone’s futures, I guess.
This is par for the course, though, as her other commencement speeches are racially charged and very political, as well. But a lot of her speech this time was dedicated to defending her husband. As the Obama family approaches the end of their time at the White House, the president has been consumed with leaving behind a sterling legacy and frankly, he needs all the help he can get. And his wife went to bat for him:" . . .
This was even discussed in 2015: Here: This is the first lady of the United States that is instilling resentment into these kids for things that haven't even happened to them yet.
. . . "This is also the same woman who has is currently being sued for using taxpayer money to fund her lavish vacations.
"Clearly she is doing fine in this country that she feels has done so much harm to her."
And here:  Ann Coulter reacts to Michelle Obama taking on race in graduation speech
And you know, I think it is what you were saying, this is -- and I wrote a book about this. This is exactly as I predicted. We had finally got rid of a lot of this racial demagoguery in response to the O.J. verdict, and Obama and his enablers and the left-wing media have brought it back in order to gin up and keep a certain segment of the black community angry and voting against Republicans.

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