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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Political Violence: Trump's 2nd Amendment People vs. Hillary's 'Activists'

Matthew Vadum  "Republican nominee Donald Trump is being lynched for allegedly encouraging violence against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

"Trump did no such thing, but left-wingers don’t care. Their rigid narrative demands that Trump be depicted as a malicious ogre who wants his opponent whacked.

"This is yet another controversy invented by the mainstream media which delights in collecting the heads of those who challenge political correctness and the rotten status quo.  It is also a testament to the resilience of those same sniveling supplicants to power who define deviancy down daily, making their living lying about and publicly rationalizing the behavior of evil people.

"This election cycle, as in all election cycles, the violence overwhelmingly emanates from the Left, not the Right. Conservatives don’t enjoy assaulting people over politics; progressives and many liberals live for it.

"And when they can’t get their hands on their real-world enemies, left-wingers kill them in other ways. It wasn’t conservatives who blazed a trail by putting out a 2006 movie called Death of a President that used special effects to depict the fictionalized assassination of George W. Bush, at the time a sitting U.S. president." . . .

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