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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The way to elect Hillary; the media


Woodward: Trump's Opponents Also Using 'Hyperbolic, Ungenerous Rhetoric'  . . . "Trump's comments, such as his referring to President Barack Obama as the "founder of ISIS" make headlines, said Woodward, but "a lot of the people who really are opposed to Trump, I think, are engaged in some excessive rhetoric also."

"For example, on Wednesday, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote that Trump's adult children "should be ashamed" of him for his comments about "Second Amendment people" stopping Hillary Clinton. Further, Friedman called Trump "a disgusting human being."

"In fact, the liberal media justifies its bias against Trump.
"New Gingrich calls it the most one-sided news coverage in American history..@NewtGingrich Calls Out Glaring Anti-Trump Media Bias: Most Decisively One-sided News Coverage in American History:" . . .

"NBC’s headline today read: Trump Hits Clinton on Mateen Father’s Seating — as Disgraced Congressman Foley Sits Behind Him"

"Do you really expect any reasonable voter to believe that former Congressman Mark Foley’s presence behind Trump at his Sunrise, FL rally was the equivalent of a Taliban supporting father of a radical Muslim mass murderer?" . . .
pedophile island

"Hey NBC…Bill was ON THE STAGE several times during the DNC coronation of Crooked Hillary. Why didn’t you call him out? How about the multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault by woman after woman at the hands of Bill Clinton? . . . "He’s the same guy who stood behind Hillary on the stage at the DNC, yet you never mentioned a word about him and his sordid history of alleged and proven sexual assault. He’s the same guy who you’re rooting for to move back into our White House." . . .
Where do you want your daughter to be a White House intern: in a Trump White House or in a Clinton White House?

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