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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Consensus is that Hillary won the night

UK Daily Mail  Read more at the link.
The Democratic candidate even got in on the fun herself - posting a gif that showed her smiling while Trump raged 

Analysis: Trump Opens Strong, Then Takes the Bait and Blows Opportunities   . . . "Various quasi-scientific "flash" polls (distinct from unscientific online polls) show a Clinton win of varying degrees, with a CNN focus group of undecided voters in Florida also breaking hard for her.  Video of Luntz's CBS focus group is HERE.  Also, Team Trump's spin doesn't seem terribly enthusiastic."

Mika Despondent Over Debate: Hillary ‘Amazing’ But Trump Will Win More Voters  . . . " Hillary was obviously the more prepared, but on a gut level Trump connected with many Americans. He also avoided two major pitfalls: he never got too nasty with Hillary, and though he’s obviously not as knowledgeable on the details, he never got caught out on any embarrassing factual mistake." . . .

One Twitter user asked Trump to probe Clinton on when she'll start 'respecting the law'

. . . "Trump started better than he finished; he may be in better shape if the audience size declined over the course of the night. But on issue after issue, it was one missed opportunity after another." . . .

. . ."He needs to do better next time and he needs to mount some lethal ads that expose Hillary for who she is; a nasty piece of work who will intentionally take this country further down the road to Marxist socialism than Obama already has. Not only will she sell us out to the highest bidder, she will be sure to make money on the deal. Trump is the good guy; she is a future nightmare if elected. If she becomes President, the United States will be unrecognizable as the country founded in 1789 by a group of brilliant, selfless men who debated for thirteen years and wrote the finest document ever written."

Debate: Trump did well, despite a big obstacle  . . . "Overall, Trump did well, but every Republican candidate has to debate the Democratic candidate and the moderator." 

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