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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

'Was Lester Holt auditioning for Hillary's press secretary?' NBC moderator is criticized for Clinton bias by failing to ask about her emails or Benghazi

A Little Help Please!
UK Daily Mail  "Twitter has gone after moderator Lester Holt after Monday night's debate
    Lester Holt has received a barrage of criticism on social media for his performance as debate moderator on Monday night

  • "Social media attacked NBC News anchor for going easy on Hillary Clinton 

  • "They said Trump was asked tougher questions that had a bias

  • "Trump's campaign didn't immediately criticize Holt for his performance

  • "One infographic showed Holt interrupted Trump 30 times, Clinton only 19 

"Others noted she wasn't asked about Benghazi, her emails or foundation." 

Five Times Lester Holt Shilled for Hillary Clinton at First Debate

Lester Holt shows he doesn’t know the meaning of ‘impartial’  . . . "So Holt’s questions were fair game, but it’s not the case that Clinton has nothing to be embarrassed about either. Holt might have questioned her about, for instance, the role she played in arranging the sale of American uranium assets to Russia after Clinton and her foundation accepted large checks from shady intermediaries. He might have noted that she was chided by the FBI for her reckless mishandling of classified information, or that she put sensitive national security information on a server, less secure than Gmail, that could easily be hacked by the Russians. He could have asked her whether she could be trusted about her health given that she apparently wasn’t going to tell the public she had pneumonia until she collapsed on 9/11 (and even then stonewalled for hours)."

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