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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

World War II justified by former German soldiers

Aged German veterans of WW2 confronted by young Dutch lady
Did they really not know? The young lady confronts them with the history of the German raid on Putten, the Netherlands:
"The Putten raid was one the worst civilian raids conducted by Nazi Germany in occupied Netherlands during the Second World War. On 1 October 1944, a total of 602 men - almost the entire male population of the village - were taken from Putten, in the central Netherlands, and deported to various concentration camps inside Germany. Only 48 returned at the end of the war. The action was undertaken as a reprisal for a Dutch resistanceattack on a vehicle carrying personnel from the Wehrmacht." . . .
 The Putten raid (Dutch: Razzia van Putten), October 1st 1944 .

 Image result for putten holland ww2 photos
In German with subtitles.

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