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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Discussions on the first Trump-Hillary debate

Joseph Farah on Trump performance: 'This is not what I wanted to see' . . . "On top of that, she should be in prison. She should have been indicted for violations of espionage and national security laws. The only reason she wasn’t is because of her place of dishonor in the political establishment. Her shield against prosecution was the fact that she was the leading Democrat seeking the presidency. She used her office as secretary of state to shake down foreigners and corporations for contributions to the Clinton Foundation." . . . 
"And how on earth did Trump allow himself to spend most of the night on defense?"
Michael Moore said "Donald Trump “won” and “we all lost.' ”  What?

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Under "What debate is he talking about?:
ANALYSIS: On Second Thought, Yeah The Debate Was Kind Of Rigged — But That Actually Helps Trump [VIDEO]
"Here are the four perceived-hit questions Holt asked of Trump:" . . .

From John Hinderaker: For those who didn’t watch my live commentary on tonight’s debate–that would be most of you!–here are my thoughts.  . . . "Those who think America is in decline, our political class is corrupt and incompetent, and we need a change will not be motivated to vote for Mrs. Clinton. On the contrary, however inept he may have been at times, Trump did make it clear that he is the voice for change in the race. That may be a lot more important than “winning.' ”

Obama loyalists say Donald Trump showed racism, did worse than Sarah Palin in debate

Debate grades: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump pass, Lester Holt fails
"Mr. Holt was anything but moderate. Mr. Trump got the most pointed questions all night, on racist stop-and-frisk, birtherism, his tax returns, Mrs. Clinton’s “stamina” and being the first woman president. Mrs. Clinton’s email server? Not so much. FBI investigation? Nada. Pay for play allegations with the Clinton Foundation? Not worth it. Nearly all ofMr. Holt’s follow-up questions were directed at Mr. Trump, not Mrs. Clinton. Most of his interruptions were of Mr. Trump. Lesson learned? Going after the referees paid off. Mrs. Clinton’s team signaled they wanted a “fact-checked” debate that would pound Mr. Trump, and they got it."

Why Trump decided not to bring up Monica Lewinsky at debate  “ 'I didn’t feel comfortable doing it with Chelsea in the room. I think Chelsea is a fine young lady,' ”  There's Hillary's human shield from now on.

NY Post debates itself:  How Trump won over a bar full of undecideds and Democrats
John Podhoretz: Trump’s debate incompetence a slap in the face to his supporters

USA Today: Trump pulled off presidential  . . . "Donald Trump did not self-destruct, he did not make foolish statements (whether you agree with him or not), he gave as well as he got. And despite Clinton’s numerous mocking remarks to the contrary, he came off as presidential. And that’s a fact."

What worked for Trump in the primaries failed him against Clinton

From Israel: The Great Debate of 2016 – Hillary the slugger, Trump the gentleman   . . . "But he may have won on personality. He was never smug or condescending. She was. It was obvious that each came out with a different plan; his was to be the gentleman, hers was to go after him by use of mockery. So she brought up his several failures in business and his failure to produce his tax returns.

"She also scored on the birther business and some real estate controversy going back to 1972, which proved that she and her team had done their homework.

"Trump, it seemed, was winging it, and in so doing, to this voter he seemed more genuine and more likeable. He also seemed unwilling to tangle and rumble."
Better the first debate than the last. Does anybody recall Obama sleeping through his second debate with Romney?
Coached by Joe Biden?

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