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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Here Are The Mainstream Reporters Who Are Open About Their Anti-Trump Bias

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Daily Caller  "Reporters covering the presidential election from a myriad publications including The New York Times and NBC have expressed negative opinions about Republican nominee Donald Trump in writing, a Daily Caller investigation reveals.

"The journalists all expressed their thoughts about Trump over the past year on Twitter. New York Times political reporter Ashley Parker referred to “Peak Trump” in a retweet of someone saying the GOP nominee had gone “apes--t.” A fellow New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters dismissed Trump’s run as a publicity stunt and connected the GOP nominee to racism and xenophobia a month after his announcement speech. “What Trump sought to bolster by running for president — his brand – is now tarnished by associations with xenophobia and racism,” Peters tweeted in July.
"Fellow New York Times reporters Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin have mocked the GOP nominee relentlessly on Twitter. Politico’s political reporters are a little more openly biased towards Trump than those at The New York Times. Politico’s chief political correspondent Glenn Thrush wrote “exactly” in a retweet that referenced Trump that said, “so black people are to blame because they oppose a racist? It’s the voters fault and not the candidate’s? Ok.”
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"Politico political reporter Eli Stokols said in September, “Trump’s constantly contradictory rhetoric requires a lot of cognitive dissonance-but only if you presume he means anything he says.”
"In another tweet, Stokols referred to Trump’s “racist birtherism.” NBC News and MSNBC political reporter Benjy Sarlin has also been open about his disdain towards Trump." . . .

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