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Saturday, October 1, 2016

We Are the Third World

Perhaps what is most disturbing about this whole affair is the affirmative response Obama has received in some corners. Many Americans are unabashed in their support for what he said. Of course, they are not a majority, but they are nevertheless a sizable portion of the public. That in itself is sufficient evidence of how Obama has managed to Third-Worldize the minds of many Americans.*
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Timothy Birdnow    "In the presidential debate last Monday Donald Trump warned America that she's "become a third-world country" to the guffaws and disdain of the liberals, the media (but I repeat myself) and Hillary Rodham Clinton, who later accused Trump of talking smack about the country she wants to loot, er, lead.

"One must ask, is Trump correct or do we continue to occupy the apex of the first world? Is there evidence to support Mr. Trump's claim?
"Let me offer exhibit A.  
"According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Two years after the University of Missouri closed the state’s lone hospital for treating tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, state health officials are looking at opening a new facility.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is seeking bids for a study that could provide officials with a roadmap for opening a new treatment center to replace the current process of sending patients to other states.

It comes amid a nationwide increase in the number of people contracting the airborne bacterial disease that attacks the lungs.

According to the request, Missouri has averaged 90 active tuberculosis cases in each of the past three years
. . .  "According to the CDC 88% of all antibiotic-resistant TB in the U.S. comes from immigrants.
"And that is just one infectious disease. Consider that last year we had 15 cases of bubonic plague in the U.S. Bubonic plague is clearly a third-world disease, one long absent in America." . . .
. . . "As I have noted, East St. Louis has levels of violence comparable to Honduras and other hellholes. 
. . . 
"No Third World country is complete without vote fraud to keep the ruling junta in power. Consider the fact that fraud may well be the reason Obama won re-election last time
"A nation without the rule of law is a banana republic. Banana republics are inherently third world."
"So Hillary and the Left may dismiss Mr. Trump's argument that America is becoming third world, but the facts belie their claims. "

*A bit of corroboration:
Why Obama is a third world president  . . . "As a naturalized American who grew up in the Third World, I saw firsthand the shenanigans that Third World leaders (who should at best be called misleaders) used on their people.
"Consequently, I am much more concerned about preserving America’s greatness than about conforming to the mindless mantra among many minorities that this president is a great leader. He is not. I came to America when Ronald Reagan was president. He was a great leader. And he was a president who was unmistakably proud to be American—not a man who went around the world apologizing for America." . . .

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