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Saturday, October 1, 2016

100 years ago: the Battle of Verdun at Fort Douaumont

Battle of Verdun map.png
Verdun; from The History Learning Site
The Battle of Verdun in 1916 was the longest single battle of World War One. The casualties from Verdun and the impact the battle had on the French Army was a primary reason for the British starting the Battle of the Somme in July 1916 in an effort to take German pressure off of the French at Verdun. The Battle of Verdun started on February 21st 1916 and ended on December 16th in 1916. It was to make General Philippe P├ętain a hero in France.
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"The loss of life and those wounded was huge at Verdun. Reference books frequently give differing figures such was the magnitude of loss. It is probable that an accurate figure will never be known. It is said that the French lost over 360,000 and the Germans nearly 340,000. To relieve the pressure being felt by the French, the British launched the Battle of the Somme in July 1916. It was hoped that a swift British victory here would force the Germans to remove troops from the Verdun area. However, like the French, the British got involved in a battle that was to last months rather than days."

The relation between Verdun and The Somme

Nothing grows there today and it remains a no-go zone

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Fort Douaumont before the battle for Verdun

Fort Douaumont after shelling, 1916

Image result for Douaumont Craters

Fort Douaumont today

Image result for Battle of Verdun Battlefield Today

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