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Friday, October 14, 2016

Is America Losing ‘The Iran Wars’?

The Federalist
With 'The Iran Wars,' the Wall Street Journal's Jay Solomon has produced a compelling—and alarming—book recounting America's inept attempts to contain Tehran's nuclear ambitions.
 Is America Losing ‘The Iran Wars’?

. . . "Despite these rare off-key moments, “The Iran Wars” is a compelling read. For those who find the labyrinthine turns of Middle Eastern politics nearly incomprehensible—which is to say, almost everyone—this book is indispensable. Solomon provides enough of an overview to get a general reader up to speed without drowning in detail, but he also provides enough of the tick-tock of detailed negotiations that specialists in foreign policy will have a plenty to consider. It is an excellent example of how journalists can report and educate at the same time, with a fluency difficult to find in books on such complex subjects.
"In the end, Solomon repeats the comments of an Israeli official whose views serve to sum up “The Iran Wars”: “The [Obama] White House has bet the farm on reaching an accommodation with the Iranians. But they never truly seemed to understand who were they were dealing with.” This could well be said of almost every American administration that has gone up against the Islamic autocrats in Tehran, and Solomon closes the book by warning that “the Iran wars could just be entering a new chapter.”
"We can only hope that it is not actually the prologue to World War III."

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