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Friday, October 14, 2016

Today Julian Assange and his team have begun to release a new series of leaks that prove, unequivocally, the connection between the State Department’s actions and the nuclear arming of Soviet military powers.

US Politic Today  . . . "Part 1 of this release includes over 2,000 emails and 170 attachments. Even worse, over 1,200 of the emails center around nuclear interests. In April of 2015 the New York Times published a story that outted(sp) the Uranium One deal where Hillary’s State Department sold U.S. nuclear rights to Russia. Now, 20% of all US nuclear production belongs to Russia.
"The deal had to be approved by a special committee of appointed representatives from insider US government agencies. The State Department, the U.S. Treasury, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Committee on Foreign Investment In the United States (CFIUS) all signed off on the deal.
"And, just like clockwork, as Russian interests began to assume control of the newly gifted nuclear rights, Millions of dollars were funneled into the Clinton Foundation between 2009 and 2013 from people with direct ties to the deal, including the Chairman of Uranium One himself, Mr. Ian Telfer. Obama’s White House put a “restriction” on the Clinton Foundation that required Bill and Hillary to report all contributions. Unsurprisingly, contributions from Mr. Telfer werenot disclosed.
"The story gets even dirtier; when the original article broke, the New York Times completely rejected the possibility of foul play and dismissed any questions regarding the crooked deal as “baseless.' ” . . .
. . . "Everyone got exactly what they wanted. In the end, Mr. Podesta went on to recommend Fernandez for a spot on the Center for American Progress board of trustees. Hillary Clinton would walk away unscathed, having profited millions by the deal. She didn’t forget Podesta’s hard work though; he’s currently a key figure in developing foreign, economic, and energy policies atop the throne of his illegally-funded think tank.
"Julian Assange promises additional waves of email leaks as the month continues."  Via Tina Andres

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