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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Trump team compiles infrastructure priority list

President Trump is a serious builder, not a community organizer.*

McClatchy  "President Donald Trump’s team has compiled a list of about 50 infrastructure projects nationwide, totaling at least $137.5 billion, as the new White House tries to determine its investment priorities, according to documents obtained by McClatchy’s Kansas City Star and The News Tribune.

"The documents, circulated within the congressional and business communities, offer a first glimpse at which projects around the country might get funding if Trump follows through on his campaign promise to renew America’s crumbling highways, airports, dams and bridges.

"Among the projects could be a new terminal for the Kansas City airport, upgrades to Interstate 95 in North Carolina and the construction of a high-speed railway from Dallas to Houston."

"The document obtained by the Star proposes funding the projects as public-private partnerships, with half the money coming from private investment.

"The Trump team put together the priority list of “Emergency & National Security Projects,” a senior congressional aide said. It includes cost estimates and job impact numbers." . . .

ProjectSectorStateRevenue Stream
Alaska Pipeline & LNG ProjectOil and GasAKYes
Fort Mojave Solar ProjectElectricity and TransmissionAZYes
Cadiz Water Conveyance ProjectWaterCAYes
Huntington Beach Desalination PlantWaterCAYes
TransWest Express TransmissionElectricity and TransmissionCA, NV, AZYes
Colorado I-25 ImprovementsHighways and BridgesCONo
Colorado I-70 Mountain CorridorHighways and BridgesCONo
DC Union Station Expansion and RehabRailDCNo
I-95/I-395 ReconstructionHighways and BridgesFLNo
Savannah Harbor Expansion AccelerationPortsGAYes
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*5 Years Later - What Did Obama's "American Recovery & Reinvestment Act" Achieve?
In the above article, you will see the democrats have an ambitious plan as well, but given their results with the ARRA, I'd go with the professional builder, President Trump. But expect Democrats to demagogue the issue.

Here are some results of Obama's plan:
. . . "Given that Governments are generally the worst allocators of capital it should come as no real surprise that the money was squandered on non-productive investments.
"$783,000 was spent on a study of why young people consume malt liquor and marijuana. $92,000 went to the Army Corps of Engineers for costumes for mascots like Bobber the Water Safety Dog. $219,000 funded a study of college 'hookups.'"

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