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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Will Ben Carson Bring Nation of Islam, Sharpton to HUD? Questions Nobody’s Asking @ Confirmation Hrg

Debbie Schlussel

"I’ve been following Dr. Carson’s Senate confirmation hearings, and I’m disturbed by the number of stupid questions and the lack of a very important one: “Dr. Carson, will you agree to keep the bigoted, racist Nation of Islam out of your HUD Department?” Instead, Elizabeth Mazola Margarine Fauxcahontas Warren asked Carson if he will agree not to steer any HUD housing to Trump developments (a hilarious question, since the Trump empire got out of subsidized, low-income housing decades ago, and there ain’t gonna be any low-income units in Trump Tower, I promise).
"Yes, Ben Carson has ties to Louis Farrakhan a/k/a Louis X a/k/a Louis Eugene Wolcott and his group of Black supremacists known as the Nation of Islam (NOI). Carson’s longtime adviser, Armstrong Williams, is a vehement advocate of NOI and so tight with Farrakhan that he broadcast his radio show live from the 20th anniversary celebration of the Million Man March, waxing poetically about what great memories he had at the first Million Man hate-fest, where Jews and Whites were repeatedly denounced in non-stop hate speech." . . . 

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