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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Was that march for women or against Trump?

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Women’s anti-Trump march: The gift that’ll keep on giving  "If the women’s march this past Saturday in Washington, D.C. seemed somewhat familiar, it should.  It was nothing more than a Hillary campaign rally redux – with the exception that it drew a decent crowd.  And of course there was no Hillary, but hey, she barely attended her own rallies anyway.
"There are two important things that made Saturday’s march “essential” Hillary Clinton.
"One, the messengers were loud, screeching, obnoxious liberal women all yelling about their rights and hating hard on Donald Trump." . . .

"The Women’s March on Washington was cheerful, courteous, and energetic. Across five hours on Saturday afternoon, I saw marchers maneuver conscientiously around parents with strollers and grown-up children pushing wheelchairs. They seemed to share a sense of community emerging from the sheer relief of being surrounded by countless others who had the same thoughts and feelings about Donald Trump.

"For those who didn’t have the same thoughts and feelings, the March may have appeared vulgar and hostile. The marchers I saw were unfailingly polite, but this was not a safe space for anyone with a positive view of the president, nor even for those who merely chafe at the anatomically explicit mockery of a man whose presidency is just beginning." . . .

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