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Sunday, July 9, 2017

4 Response Strategies for Trump After North Korea’s New Missile Test

Daily Signal  President Donald Trump may have no good options in responding to North Korea’s successful missile launch July 4, experts say, but a military strike is likely the worst while more intense sanctions and pressure on China probably are the most feasible.

"Still, some authorities on North Korea have unconventional views for dealing with Kim Jong Un’s communist regime, such as interdicting North Korean vessels at sea or a full-scale blockade, similar to what the U.S. carried out against Cuba during the missile crisis in 1962.
Another idea: Trump should cut a direct deal with the North Korean government, acting on what he calls his gift of making deals.
"North Korea’s government says its intercontinental ballistic missile could carry a large nuclear warhead and reach as far as Alaska or the Pacific Northwest.
"North Korean state media claimed the Hwasong-14 missile flew 580 miles, reaching an altitude of 1,741 miles in 39 minutes of flight. Some analysts reportedly said the flight details suggest the missile had a range of more than 4,970 miles, which would put parts of the continental U.S. in reach.
"Here are four potential U.S. responses:"

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