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Friday, May 13, 2016

Fear the Walking Trump

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"Donald Trump said Wednesday he’ll release his taxes once his annual IRS audit is complete in November. Trump confided that the biggest sacrifice he made during his run for president was giving up two seasons of hosting NBC's Apprentice. Just to stay in practice he fired sixteen candidates."
"Newt Gingrich was reported a top choice for VP by Trump Wednesday. Between them they have six wives, countless affairs, and a sex scandal that led to resignation. Republicans refuse to concede the Who’s-Going-to-Have-the-Most Entertaining-Presidency vote to Bill and Hillary without a fight."
Comedian Argus Hamilton 

Fear the Walking Trump

After delivering a hatchet job on Trump, the writer concludes with this positive note:
. . . "Under The Donald, the U.S. government will have better things to do than regulating holiday displays; more important are the little things that have been ignored, such as defending our borders, providing competent government, building the military, and setting the stage for prosperity. Divide the nation into categories, hand the keys to the kingdom to regulators, ignore veterans…fuhgeddaboudit. Instead, says The Donald, let’s make America great again!

"To that I say: And a merry Christmas to you, President Trump."
Basically the writer wants us to know we are not sycophantic toward Mr. Trump as Obama's voters were. We know he is not the great leader America needs.
I will vote for Trump because I'm voting for a Supreme Court and for all the cabinet heads Trump may choose against what I know Hillary's choices will be.
Anybody - except for any Democrat - will be better than another 4-8 years of Obama-like rule in spite of what  this writer says  . TD
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