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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Secret Service Agent Remembers. (No, this is a different agent)

He is this man:

Elise Cooper       Five Presidents by Clint Hill with Lisa McCubbin is a nonfiction book written as a page turning historical novel. People might not recognize the author, but the photo of him jumping on the Presidential car is engrained in most everyone’s mind. He is the Secret Service agent who heroically leaped onto the Kennedy car in Dallas after the president was shot. American Thinker had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Hill.

"In 2017, President Kennedy would have turned one hundred years of age. Knowing that people have played Monday morning quarterback for decades about the JFK assassination, Hill dispelled some of the rumors: “I don’t think what the FBI knew would have made a difference. Nothing indicated Lee Harvey Oswald had a grievance against President Kennedy. There was no conspiracy because no one would have utilized a guy like Oswald, who was not intelligent or capable enough for anyone to put trust in him. The reason I ran to the car and not the other agents was how we were situated. After the first shot was fired I began to turn toward that noise. In doing so my eyes passed across the Presidential vehicle. I saw the president react to the first shot. The agents on the right running board turned away from the President and did not realize he had been hit. The car did not initially speed up because the driver apparently heard and thought perhaps the noise was a blown tire. He eventually accelerated, but with a big heavy car acceleration does not happen instantaneously.”
. . . 
"Five Presidents illuminates the lives of each leader in an insightful way. Hill has allowed readers to take the memory journey with him as he opens up about the private world he observed. This book is an incredible inside account."

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