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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

JINOs Demand Dems Make Anti-Israel Platform

To be more accurate, Ms. Schlussel actually wrote, "JINOs: J Street Pigs Demand Dems Make Anti-Israel Platform

Debbie Schlussel

"These Nazi Schmucks* . . ."
"Are The Same As These Nazi Schmucks . . ."


"As I’ve always said, Jews are the Jews’ worst enemies. And so it goes not just with that jerk Bernie Sanders–who deliberately picked two anti-Israel cretins to be on the Dem’s Platform Committee–but also with J Street. The Jew-hating organization, parading as a “pro-Israel” and “Jewish” group, is demanding that the Democratic Party make its platform for anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian."
. . . 
"And in case you didn’t know, J Street is funded by former real-life Nazi George Soros (who personally rounded up and deported Jews to the death camps on behalf of the Nazis) and a number of Muslims from the Middle East are funders and financiers of J Street and its chief kapo schmuck-in-chief, Jeremy Ben-Ami.
"With “Jews” like J Street, who needs enemies? There is a reason I call them JINOs (Jews In Name Only; Va-JINOs for the female version)."
* "Schmuck or shmuck in American English is a pejorative meaning one who is stupid or foolish; or an obnoxious, contemptible or detestable person. The word entered English from Yiddish (שמאָק, shmok), where it has similar pejorative meanings, but its original meaning is . . . "guess what?

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