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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stacey Dash on Hillary's 'Woman' Platform: 'Ridiculous'

Newsmax   "Actress and political commentator Stacey Dash Wednesday slammed as "ridiculous" Hillary Clinton highlighting her status Tuesday as the first woman to be a major political party's nominee, telling Newsmax TV that "I think she's a criminal."  Video

" 'She has blood on her hands — and I think she should be in prison, not running for president," Dash, 49, told "The Steve Malzberg Show" in an interview.
"She is the author of the new memoir, "There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative."
Comedian Argus Hamilton reflects: 
Hillary Clinton confirmed a delegate count by the Associated Press Tuesday and claimed she has the votes for the Democratic nomination for president. It’s history. The nomination brings Hillary a step closer to achieving the Clinton dream of being America’s first two-impeachment family.
Hillary censors paperback version of Hard Choices   . . . "It kind of makes me wonder where the State Department got the idea that it was ok to snip out video of embarrassing questions from its own briefings, and thereby censor the historical record."

More unintended consequences of Hillary’s email server  "Have a look at this article. Here is an unintended consequence of Clinton's private server, coupled with a FOIA request. Deb Riechmann writes:
The names of CIA personnel could have been compromised not only by hackers who may have penetrated Hillary Clinton's private computer server or the State Department system, but also by the release itself of tens of thousands of her emails, security experts say. (snip). . . 
 . . . "So the State Department releases redacted emails with codes delineating the reason for the redaction. Any hacker who has the original emails, now has a "key" to ID US intelligence assets (spies)."

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