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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Answering racial conflict with love and truth

American Thinker  "I thought I would share my perspective as a conservative Christian father who recently adopted a black teenage son during this time of media and activist inspired racial conflict.

"No doubt, some number of Americans refused to vote for President Obama on the basis of his race.  But whatever the number, it is dwarfed by the number of Americans who voted FOR him on the basis of his race.  At no point in our history and in few places on earth is racism less of a problem.

""Yet 80% of young blacks and more than 50% of young whites say that racism is a "major problem."  How can that be?  Quite simply, because they've been taught that.  We now know (shouldn't we have examined the evidence first?) that police don't shoot black suspects resisting arrest any more than they do whites, according to the research of Dr. Roland Fryer, a Harvard professor who had the courage to bring some veritas into this national discussion.  Better, as a black man, he'll even get to keep his job.

"But why would the news media deliberately perpetrate a hoax on America that has led to the execution murders of multiple police officers and many more innocent black citizens killed in the ensuing lawlessness created by a neutered police force?  In a word, politics." . . .

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