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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Globalist Obama: Terrorists, Racist Cops Are ‘Chronic Impulses’ to Be Defeated by Global Elites

This must be about what it would be like to have Jerry Brown as president.
Obama did not say anything complimentary about Christianity or the United States, even though he is the commander-in-chief of the U.S. military and is the chief of law enforcement in the United States, whose members have been fighting for the nation against the nation’s enemies who describe themselves as Islamic armies.

"After mentioning the Nice attack and hinting at the police engagements, Obama sketched out his demand for globalist fix for the “chronic violence” that he says is caused by competing racial, national and religious solidarities;
I think have to step back [from the Nice attack] and reflect on what we are doing to eliminate this kind of chronic violence. It’s been a difficult several weeks in the United States.  But the divide … is between people who recognize the common humanity of all people and are willing to build [international] institutions that promote that common humanity, and those who do not — those who would suggest that somebody is less than them because of their tribe, or their ethnicity, or their faith, or their color.  And those impulses [for solidarity] exist in all our countries.  And those impulses, when we do not speak out against them and build strong institutions to protect people from those impulses, they can take over, they can be unleashed — so that all of us [international leaders] have responsibilities.
"For Obama, everyone –jihadis and cops, Catholics and capitalists, atheists and Australians — must subordinate their political, religious and legal affiliations to the greater authority of a single globalist power." . . .

Not one mention of going after the head of the terrorist organization.

Same old platitudes  "Bring them to justice".

Blah, Blah, Blah…Hillary Speaks. . . . "This woman must never again get close to the White House.  She is a short-sighted politician, the opposite of what we need.  She will get many of us, if not all of us, killed." She is cut from the same cloth as Mr. Obama.

‘Radical Islam’: Obama Won’t Say the Words, and Has No Answer
. . . " What do we believe? And for what values, if any, are we willing to die? Obama does not say. And so we continue to lose." . . .
. . . What the west needs is a bigger cause around which to rally, in order to resist and eventually crush radical Islam. The roots of that cause are in our classical liberties, which are closely entwined with the Judeo-Christian values that are our cultural inheritance (even for those who rail against those values).
That we have no values is evident in Democrat Party causes, conventions, and in what we see coming to schools and other institutions from today's "progressives". Morally, America is becoming a softer target for terrorists and bankrupt revolutionary causes. TD

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