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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Limbaugh Predicts Summer of Violence Will Scorch Political Conventions

"... this is not the end of anything ..."

Western Journalism  "The violence that left Dallas reeling in horror and America in shock has not yet reached its crescendo, talk show host Rush Limbaugh warned Friday.
“ 'I think everybody better come to grips with the fact that this is not the end of anything here,” Limbaugh said, saying the prediction was one he would rather see not happen, “but it’s going to happen anyway at this point.”
“ '.. the next target is going to be the Republican National Convention. And then possibly after that the next target the Democrat National Convention, because there’s going to be huge numbers of people in both places and there’s going to be lots of cameras.  And the media is going to be both places,” Limbaugh said, referencing the way that demonstrations in Chicago in 1968 utterly disrupted the Democratic National Convention and ultimately subsumed the convention narrative." . . .
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Of course, Mr. Farrakhan made this pronouncement before Dallas:
"The Blaze posted some of what Farrakhan said:
“When you are willing and not afraid anymore to pay the price for freedom — don’t let this white man tell you that violence is wrong,” Farrakhan said. “Every damn thing that he got, he got it by being violent — killing people, raping and robbing and murdering. He’s doing it as we speak, and then he has the nerve to come and tell us that violence and hatred won’t get it. Don’t buy that!”
Speaking about white people as one entity, Farrakhan proclaimed, “He is worthy to be hated.” He also claimed that “God hates,” and man is no better than God.
"Steven H. Ahle noted: “Just hours before five police officers were killed and six more injured, noted racist posted a racist rant on social media calling for violence against whites.  You may remember that Obama and his church bestowed a lifetime achievement award to Farrakhan.”
"No wonder ISIS and al Qaeda celebrated the shootings while calling for more attacks…"
Emphasis mine, TD

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