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Saturday, July 9, 2016

More commentary on the Dallas murders

Chuck Todd: Tough to Train ‘Prejudice and Hate’ Out of Police Hearts
"Are Police ‘Prejudice and Hate’ Really the Central Problem, Chuck?"

Todd MJ 7-8-16 2

What else can Chuck say with the master race pimp Al Sharpton sitting by him? 
Oh, as long as we are speaking of Sharpton and the grievance industry:

"The racial divide in this country, as it exists today, is completely manufactured. It is manufactured by the political and activist class, and for reasons symbiotic to one another.
"Politicians need to divide our nation so as to pit demographic against demographic; in order to create political party “battle lines.” This is how they create an “us against them” scenario. True Statesmen and public servants seek to better the nation in ways that are good for all of the population, not just a sympathetic demographic. That does not exist in our country today. True government of and for the people is dead.
"Activists – mostly products of the victimhood and grievance class – need to divide to define special interest demographics, again to pit “us against them.” It is how they attain power and influence, as well as wealth for their “movements.” This is serious wealth. One need only look at the personal trappings of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to understand this." . . .
Hillary plays the race card on Dallas police massacre  "Hillary Clinton has crafted her response to the slaughter of Dallas policemen to exploit racial resentment and shore up her support among African Americans. She needs Obama-levels of turnout and grab about 92% of the votes in order to win. She has had trouble whipping up enthusiasm among all demographic slices of the electorate, but apparently sees black anger at whites as just the thing to motivate voters to turn out, and to quiz their friends, family and neighbors if they have voted on Election Day.

"So Hillary is in effect telling White voters that Dallas is their fault." . . .

Colion Noir on How Not to Fix Inner City Gun Violence
“All these anti-gun politicians have to offer is gun control.”

It’s Hard Not to Politicize Such a Horrible Tragedy  . . . "What’s most maddening are the voices who not only exploit the double standard but attempt to institutionalize it. CNN commentator Sally Kohn can be counted on to offer the least logical, least consistent responses to breaking news on television; everything that happens in the world is further evidence that her political allies are good and her political opponents are bad. She did not disappoint today:"  Read more.

What actor Wil Wheaton tweeted during the Dallas shooting will make your head explode
. . . You want to know what the protestors at the scene were doing while partisan hacks were using keyboards as hate weapons? Thanking the Dallas Police Department for serving them and protecting them, even as their brother and sisters in blue lay dying on the streets." . . . 

Liberalism, as I’ve said time and again, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Unfortunately, liberals like Wheaton prove that assertion correct on just about any given day."

Meet the Leftist Reverend Behind the Dallas 
Rev. Dr. Jeff HoodBlack Lives Matter Protest  "The lead organizer of the Dallas protest where snipers opened fire on police officers has made several disturbing comments on his social media. A Breitbart News review of Jeff Hood’s internet footprint revealed regular posts about the apocalypse, violent retribution to police, and Hood even recently posted about the 2013 death of a self proclaimed “social justice warrior” who committed suicide by lighting himself on fire in front of a shopping mall in Texas."

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