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Saturday, July 9, 2016

“This is the special exception for the Clintons.”

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NRO: The FBI Says ‘Reasonable Prosecutors’ Wouldn’t Charge Hillary — Meet Some Who Disagree
“If she didn’t know that the intelligence she was receiving was or should be classified, she is far too stupid to be president, and in any event, her security clearance should be permanently withdrawn.”
"Rudy Giuliani worries that Comey handcuffed himself when he let Hillary off the hook. “I don’t know how he ever, ever, is going to be able to charge anybody in the CIA or FBI that is extremely careless with top-secret information, if he isn’t charging Hillary Clinton,” Giuliani said. “This is the special exception for the Clintons.' ”

Comey and the Expansion of Cynicism  . . . "He willfully ignored the clear words of the relevant law. Comey is not a fool. He opted for deception. In doing so, he caused the cynicism with which most people now treat the highest ranks of the political apparatus to grow. Going forward, dishonesty will now be priced into James Comey, and probably the agency he supervises. An institution that commanded credibility in the eyes of most ordinary people now stinks of corruption."

Image result for hillarys adoring crowds photos

"Hillary Clinton was cleared by the FBI Director for relaying top secret material on her home server Tuesday but he spent ten minutes listing everything she did illegally. Just two hours later, Hillary was greeted by a huge ovation at her North Carolina rally. She arrived in a slow white Bronco." Comedian Argus Hamilton
 Do You Think Hillary’s HAPPY The Spotlight’s On #Dallas And Not #EmailGate?  "Hillary calls on whites to change their ways..."

Comey and the Will to Power  . . . "Ms. Clinton is not only incompetent, she is thoroughly unqualified to be President.   It is quite possible that her cavalier attitude toward cyber security got Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith killed in Benghazi.  It is likely as well that her dithering about how to spin the terrorist disaster while it was underway led to the deaths of Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, who could have been saved had the State Department not worried about how their potential rescuers were dressed!   This is what mendacity combined with ineptness looks like." . . .
The Clintons are a money-grubbing criminal enterprise of long-standing.  The sycophants who work for them, lie for them, are traitors to the nation.  Clinton supporters know this and do not care.  They have been taught that there is no objective truth.  They will vote for her and never connect the dots as the country slides into tyranny, socialism and disintegrates.
Speaking respectfully, of course. 

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