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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Republicans slam grinning Obama for politicizing Dallas police massacre as he laughs his way through NATO summit

UK Daily Mail

  • "President Barack Obama cheerfully yukked it up with British Prime Minister David Cameron during the NATO summit in Poland while Americans remained in shock after the murders of five police officers overnight 
  • "Dr. Ben Carson carped at him for defaulting to gun control arguments
  • "Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, whose district includes parts of the Dallas metroplex, complained that Obama was MIA while the nation mourned
  • "Former Gov. Mike Huckabee dismissed Obama as a wedge-issue divider for pushing gun control 'at a time of great grief'
  • "National Association of Police Organizations chief said there is 'a war on cops, and the Obama administration is the Neville Chamberlain of this war'. "

  • Remember that Mr. Chamberlain finally had his red line and declared war on Hitler over his invasion of Poland.

  • A gunman named Micah X. Johnson was killed after a four-hour standoff with police, but not before he told a hostage negotiator that he wanted to kill white police officers

    The two leaders did not seem to have tragedy on their minds

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