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Friday, July 8, 2016

Obama and Bush weigh in on the shootings in Dallas

George W. Bush Responds To ‘Heinous’ Ambush: ‘Murdering The Innocent Is Always Evil’

"Sparking one commentator to remark, We miss you now more than ever, W, President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, issued a statement of sympathy and support in the wake of Thursday night’s ambush that claimed the lives of five Dallas Police officers and injured seven others.
John S. Roberts, writing on Young Conservatives, noted after reading the statement the Bush family posted on Facebook and shared with the media, “While Barack Obama is blaming ‘powerful weapons‘ for the deaths of five police offices at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, the last real leader of the United States sent out this message.”
“If a good man like you were still in the White House, we’d have a counter-BLM task force by now, patrolling the streets to remove these dangerous terrorists from civilized society. Unfortunately, we don’t have a good man in the White House,” wrote Alex Gravlin.
obama and bush

Following Dallas Shootings, Obama Once Again Pushes His Gun Control Agenda

Obama Deems Police Guilty Until Proven Innocent  "Obama went on to categorized the shootings as non isolated incidents and symptoms of systemic racism within law enforcement."

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