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Friday, July 8, 2016

What does Obama blame? Guns, not BLM

President Obama speaks from Warsaw, shortly after exiting Air Force One.
"President Obama from Warsaw on Friday weighed in on the fatal shootings of five police officers and wounding of seven more, as well as of two civilians, by saying the attack was inexcusable, unjustified and tragic – but then suggested easy access to weapons was at least partly to blame.
"He first expressed outrage and condolences.
Then comes his usual: “. . . Anybody involved will be held accountable.”

He weighed in on the shooting of Alton Sterling on Friday night before the Dallas shooting.

He did so in his usual style before the blood was dry and before the facts were in.  "Obama spoke in his characteristic style on such occasions. He lectured; he condescended; he assumed facts not in evidence; he rode his racial hobby horse. If anyone thought the moment might call for something in the way of reconciliation, he would have been well advised to look elsewhere." . . . 
"Obama also demonstrated his traditionally poor timing. Within hours of his statement in Warsaw five police officers were murdered and seven others shot by snipers in Dallas. We pray for those who are still struggling for their lives this morning.

"From Warsaw Obama has now given a formulaic statement on the events in Dallas. “We still don’t know all the facts,” Obama noted. I can’t find this statement on the White House site. The Dallas Morning News reports on it here." . . .
No comment as yet from Mr. Obama that the suspects hate white people and want to kill them  "Dallas police chief David Brown told reporters at a press conference that the suspect who engaged authorities in a standoff before being killed by a robot that blew up a bomb built by the sniper "hated white people" and wanted to kill more white officers."
. . . 
"The real fear is that cops across America might become even more trigger-happy.  Well trained policemen won't let this attack alter their approach.  Unfortunately, there are many policemen across America who are not well trained and may take a more aggressive attitude toward blacks.

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