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Friday, July 8, 2016

The War on Cops Comes to Dallas

We are not in a mood to tolerate another of Obama's scoldings.

Image result for andrew c mccarthy photosAndrew C. McCarthy  "President Obama has wasted no time politicizing the attack. From Poland this morning, he punctuated his remarks praising the heroism and sacrifice of police, with the familiar demagoguery: We all need to be concerned about “racial disparity in the justice system” (as if there were no drastic racial disparities in offense behavior, and therefore that the police discriminate against African-Americans in enforcing the laws); and of course, “When people are armed with powerful weapons, it makes attacks more deadly and more tragic” (as if the real problem here is guns rather than radical ideology).
. . . 
"Did Black Lives Matter participate in this pre-planned mass-murder operation? We don’t yet know who executed this attack, and we must wait for details, which should be forthcoming soon enough. But to suggest that lethal attacks on the police are not made more likely by the hateful anti-cop climate stoked by Black Lives Matter — with the indulgence and often the encouragement of government officials and opinion elites — is to be detached from reality."

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