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Friday, July 8, 2016

The battlefield cross and those who are offended by it

"The first appearance of the "battlefield cross" is a matter of conjecture. It might have been during the Civil War, to signify a dead soldier to be gathered and buried during a truce called for that purpose. Soldier dead were buried in graves in temporary cemeteries near the battlefields, identified by simple wooden plaques. The configuration of the rifle pointed downward with a helmet perched on the stock was a more common sight during World War I and World War II. While the battlefield cross still acted as marker so that the Graves Registration Service personnel could remove the body for burial, it also began to serve as a memorial. Although it is called a cross, the memorial has no overt religious context."
Rectangular piece of wood with carved lettering, paper label
Carved wooden temporary grave marker of Lieutenant Charles R. Carville, a member of the 165th New York Volunteers who died at Port Hudson May 27, 1863, during the American Civil War. Division of Armed Forces History, Nation Museum of American History.

A member of the military kneels in front of a battlefield cross at a memorial ceremony

. . . "Interpretations vary regarding the meaning of the components, and how they are placed. The rifle facing downward means the soldier was killed in action; a rifle with a bayonet stuck in the ground tells us the soldier went down fighting. It’s not hard to interpret the placement of the boots or the presence of the dog tags: the soldier has marched the final march to battle, and he will never be forgotten."

BATTLEFIELD CROSS TOO INAPPROPRIATE FOR PARK IN MICHIGAN [VIDEO]  A "couple of people" were offended at the cross!

 "Friends of American Veterans submitted a proposal to complete their Veterans Memorial at the Central Park in Milford, Michigan. However, the group has not received approval specifically because the monument features an M-16 rifle that is viewed as too inappropriate for the park."

"Though some council members are uneasy with the idea of displaying a statue of a military weapon in their park, Councilwoman Jennifer Frankford believes that we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have today if it weren’t for the boots, the gun, and the helmet.
"Frankford alongside with Bear Hall, founder of the FAV and Korean War veteran, have raised over $12,000 is three months to help fund the construction of the memorial. Veterans who donated are furious and are asking why someone who gave their life to protect and serve this country shouldn’t be remembered."
“ 'If people are worried about their kids seeing a gun, take away their video games… don’t let them hunt,” Ron Nevorski, another Friends of American Veterans member told the Free Press."

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