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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Democrats, Hollywood, Academia and the MSM: the anti-Trump axis


Channeling Freud: What Do Trump Haters Want?  . . . "A sympathetic friend commented:” I don’t consider him legitimate, he is just a criminal mob leader…. and mid-term elections should decimate pubs in Congress. His unpopularity means little of his agenda will be done.”
"By her reasoning, Trump’s presidency is illegitimate because she considers him illegitimate and mid-term elections will decimate Republicans in Congress. Fanciful thinking, considering that Republicans decimated Democrats in Congress in 2012 and 2016." . . . Read more.

Thomas Lifson: Are the Democrats scrambling for a fall guy on the wiretap of Trump campaign?  . . . "All skillful criminals (the ones that stay out of jail for the big crimes) understand the need for a fall guy.

"Which brings me to something truly extraordinary: an attorney general, just weeks out of office, posted a video calling for “marching”, “blood” and “death.' ”

. . "Clarice Feldman suggested that the denials of any knowledge of wiretapping by James Comey and James Clapper leave lovely Loretta Lynch exposed. Somebody gave the nod. And met secretly with Bill Clinton in her priavte jet at Phoenix Airport.
"So what does the barely-former AG do?  She plays the race card." . . .

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