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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

With campus shout downs, first they came for the Jews and Israel

Legal Insurrection

The anti-free speech “social justice warrior” monster now stalking campuses didn’t start recently.
. . . "And the disruption of former Ambassador Michael Oren, as the SFGate reported in 2011, Muslim students found guilty of disrupting speech:
In an emotional conclusion to a case that generated national debate over free speech rights, a jury on Friday found 10 Muslim students guilty of disrupting a speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren at UC Irvine last year.
Although the students faced up to a year in jail on the misdemeanor charges, they instead were placed on three years of informal probation, and ordered to perform 56 hours of community service.
District Attorney Tony Rackauckas issued a statement afterward in which he called the students’ disruptions “censorship by a few.”
“History requires us to draw a line in the sand against this sort of organized thuggery,” he said.

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