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Thursday, July 12, 2018

As Obama turned America into a third-world nation; the liberals have made us a silly nation

Rich Terrell
Papa John's founder forced to resign for saying someone else used the 'N-word'  . . . "The context?  It was during a conference, where Schnatter claimed that Colonel Sanders allegedly called blacks the "N-word."
"In other words, Schnatter had to resign not for calling a black person the N-word, not for even using the N-word to describe blacks around white people, but merely saying that someone else used the N-word.  As of this writing, there was no context that showed that Schnatter approved of Sanders's alleged use of the word, a word that is commonly used to this day by some black people.
"But apparently, it is now a crime for white people to use the N-word to recount that someone else used the N-word." . . .
Starbucks, guilty over environment, introduces sippy cups to replace straws  . . . "So, instead of imposing drippy sippy cups on fastidious coffee-drinkers, Starbucks should make Asia's turtles, sharks, and other watery creatures safer by donating to waste management plants in the offending Asian countries." . . .

Yale Law School Students and Alums: “People Will Die” if Kavanaugh is Confirmed  . . . "Remember when repealing Net Neutrality meant everyone would die? Do you recall the same thing being said about repealing Obamacare, and pulling out of the Paris climate agreement? That same argument is being employed here." . . .

Administrators at Cal Poly are pursuing a variety of "Diversity Action Initiatives" designed to reduce the percentage of white students on campus.

University of Wyoming profs protest ‘Cowboys’ slogan  
"Several professors are urging the University of Wyoming to "shelve" its new marketing slogan, "The World Needs More Cowboys," because they feel it evokes the image of a "white, heterosexual male.' "

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